A Long time dream of His is to have a magic and movie
museum that will contain authentic and recreation props,
wardrobe, and scenes from famous movies past and
present. It will also house some of the finest magic props and
costumes ever made, some used by famous magicians from
the past.

The ultimate goal is to have the museum along with a
showroom for live Magic and Elvis shows, a magic / gift
shop, a Hollywood themed Miniature Golf course and a
restaurant based on Hollywoods original Brown Derby
Coffee Shop.

This long time dream is now starting to come true for Darrin,
he has recently aquired numerous autographs including
those of Steven Speilberg, Charles Bronson and Tony Curtis
to name a few.

Wardrobe Items include those as seen in Ghost Ship, The
Last Samuri, and Richard Dreyfus' outfit from "Posiedon".

At this time there is no physical museum to visit.
A target date to open is the summer of 2010 and the
locations being considerd are, but not limited to,Southern
California, Orlando, Florida - Las Vegas, Nevada and
Branson, Missouri.

Tony Curtis Autographed
"Houdini" Movie VHS Tape
It says:
Darrin, A pleasure to finally
meet you, Tony Curtis
What It's All About

Darrin Race has always been a fan of Magic and the
Movies, he himself is an accomplished magician and part
time actor, as well as an ETA, (Elvis Tribute Artist)

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Lance Burton Limited Edition
Autographed Poster. This one
is number 1,000 of 1,500.